The future of passive income is here

Automate USD lending on crypto exchanges and earn daily interest rates

Intelligent, machine-based lending

Set-up your own lending bot in a few simple steps, generate passive income from day one, and stay in full control of your assets at all times

Attractive earnings

Historical returns have been between 10-30% p.a. when using our intelligent lending algorithms

Daily liquidity

Deposit and withdraw your capital on a daily basis – no one else has access to your funds


100% security

We use highly secure servers based in Germany to run our bots and store your data


Full control

You can monitor and steer your lending activity from anywhere via your personalized dashboard

Your lending dashboard

Real-time monitoring and control

Access your funds and start/pause your lending bot from any device at any time

Put your money to work and earn daily returns

Monitor your lending activity in real-time

No hidden fees, no management fees

What Our Customers Say

Frederic R.

You did a great job in making the setup process as easy as possible!

Anne-Sophie T.

I’m not a ‘crypto person’, so it’s cool that I can use your service with USD only

Christopher S.

I really like your individual support and customer service! Thanks!

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