Our Vision

We want to improve the way people invest their capital – by earning interest in a fun way.

Who we are

We are a diverse team of finance professionals, programmers, and data scientists who believe in an interplay between human creativity and machine intelligence. Our aim is to build innovative software that creates value for its users by solving real-world problems with tangible impact. Therefore, integrity and customer focus are at the core of our DNA.

Our story

Our story starts in 2015, when our two founders, Frank and Ben, started to develop algorithmic trading systems across various asset classes, from FX and equities to derivatives and crypto. Based on many years of experience as active traders, we started to focus on building automation software for lending on crypto exchanges as we felt that this offers a truly alternative source of return. Lendary is the solution that grew out of this ambition.

Frank Steffen

Frank is leading strategy development and partnerships at Lendary. He also oversees all sales related matters as well as legal & compliance. Before founding Lendary, he worked as a strategy consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, with a strong focus on digitization and data analytics. He started his professional career in two technology ventures and has obtained an M. Sc. from Imperial College, London.

Benjamin Thomsen

Benjamin is leading the technology strategy across the whole value chain, from data sourcing to application development, visualization, and reporting. Before founding Lendary, he has been working in strategy consulting (The Boston Consulting Group) as well as in asset management (Allianz Global Investors). In addition to his deep technical understanding and multi-year programming experience, he has obtained a B. Sc. from EBS University.